Monday, January 26, 2009

McKlintock? Oklahoma? No, Arizona!

I paid a visit to the San Raphael Valley in Southern Arizona. This photo was taken from the back porch of a famous house used in the film's McKlintock, Oklahoma!, and several other western movies. If you watch John Wayne's movie McKlintock, this identical view can be seen in the movie...only the windmill and barn is hardly rusted! This Arizona valley is so beautiful and has so many rolling hills that they shot many scenes at this house to include the vast grassland. Who would have thought Arizona could look like Oklahoma!

I used a point and shoot Kodak to shoot this, but it too became one of my early favorites that got me excited about shooting digital photography.


alan said...

If it wasn't for that mountain in the background I could think you were here!

Lovely photo, Lori!


Lori D said...

By the way, that mountain peak in the background is Mt. Wrightson, a 9,250 ft peak!